The Hookup Plan by Farrah Rochon

The Hookup Plan by Farrah Rochon, pictured on top of a crochet blanket that I’m currrently working on (pattern: the Chevronnie Blanket by Cypress Textiles).

I didn’t realize this was book 3 in Rochon’s The Boyfriend Project until I finished the book. Luckily it’s the kind of series which kinda reads like a standalone. It’s connected through three women who become best friends after they all are duped by the same man. Of course it would make more sense to start with the first book, but well, now I know and I will definitely be reading The Boyfriend Project and The Dating Playbook because this third book was a really fun read. 

It’s an enemies to lovers theme that starts at a high school reunion. Pediatric surgeon London Kelley meets her high school arch-nemesis Drew Sullivan. And they end up in bed. 

It turns out that Drew is in Austin as his company is auditing the hospital that London works at. And their one night together becomes a “mutually satisfying sexual arrangement”. The man she saw as her enemy maybe isn’t who she thought he was. Can this turn into something more? 

Fun chemistry and great banter between the two main characters. Both are very likeable too. It’s readable and not too over the top. A very satisfying romance read.