Friday things

1. Is it a growth spurt? Or teething? Or both? The baby (who just turned 6 months yesterday, woah) has decided to wake up at all sorts of funny times (1 am last night, 4 am the night before) when just a few days ago he was sleeping till 630- 7. Fun times!

2. I’ve been reading My Ideal Bookshelf, and while I have no idea who half the people are (designers, dancers are among writers and chefs), it makes for some interesting browsing. Although the one bookshelf that made the most sense to me was the person who simply said (I’m paraphrasing), look I don’t really know what an ideal bookshelf can really be, so instead here is what I’m currently reading. I mean, how does anyone pick just a few books that matter to them the most? What would I pick? There’s the children’s books from New Zealand that my penpal in Wellington (her mum really) would send us for Christmas. There’s the books I used to sneak reads from in my aunt’s room at my grandparents’ house, as a kid, they weren’t exactly the usual children’s books fare. There’s the book signed by Douglas Coupland that a good friend got for me from Melbourne, Australia. There’s also the picture books that Wee Reader asks for everyday (currently it’s Demolition by Sally Sutton – I know every bang stamp and zip there). And so much more. Books that might not mean much to anyone else but mean so much to me.
What would be on your ideal bookshelf?

3. I will be attempting to make a Black Forest cake this weekend with this recipe. Hope it goes well. While I’m pretty decent at cake-making, I’m no decorator!

4. It’s persimmon season! That makes me happy. My friend passed me some giant fuyu persimmon from her tree. Unfortunately I only got a few bites as Wee Reader pretty much devoured them.

5. I’m reading Joe Hill’s NOS4A2 and have Christmas carols on the brain. I am so not ready for Christmas. Or winter. Ok so I live in northern Cal where it doesn’t snow but I’m originally from the equator!

6. Have a great weekend!