I should be writing a proper post but here are some links instead

So not new news but Eleanor & Park beat out The Lowland in one of the ToB’s opening rounds:

Rowell’s prose is simple, nothing fancy, nothing extra, yet is still pretty special as-is. It’s like running a cross-country race with someone, and you can hear their breathing, and their footsteps, and you’re with them, you’re side by side with them every step of the way, breathing that same breath. It’s all very human and connected.

I quite enjoyed this conversation between Phil Klay (author of Redeployment) and Bill Cheng (author of Southern Cross the Dog):

I’ll go through periods of writing at home, then writing in places that are distinctly not at home. Dunkin’ Donuts. Chinese bakeries. Coffee shops. Subway cars. When I was doing the last edits on the book, I was ducking in to hotel lobbies. I’ll write on my computer, on my iPad, in composition notebooks. Whatever feels right at the time. Eventually I’ll burn up whatever juice I’m getting from these different devices and venues, then move on like I’m trying to stay one step ahead of the universe or something.

Dorothy Parker on bad books:

“It may be that this autobiography [In the Service of the King by Aimee Semple McPherson] is set down in sincerity, frankness, and simple effort. It may be, too, that the Statue of Liberty is situated in Lake Ontario.”

Love this darling little picture book, Out the Window

The Nonfiction Recommendation Machine at Sophisticated Dorkiness is back!

I make banana bread every other month or so, but I’m always looking for that perfect recipe, and with three bananas in the freezer right now, maybe I’ll give this brown butter banana bread from Joy the Baker a try.

Ok the baby is up and it’s time to go. Have a good Thursday!

Links for a rainy Wednesday

It’s actually been raining since early this morning! And there is hope for more rain later and tomorrow too. Perhaps there is some light at the end of this drought tunnel… if it rains enough….

Anyway, here are some links I’ve been saving on my feedly:

I want to read Lorrie Moore’s books now

Great stuff shortlisted for the Nebula Awards

Pickle Me This has a list of children’s books celebrating families

I’ve never thought of picking up Jill Dawson’s books but after reading this review on My Life in Books, I think I ought to.

And adding to my list is Buried in Print and her review of Alice Hoffman’s The Museum of Extraordinary Things

Mmm never thought of making falafels before but this sounds easy and yummy. And that dip!!

And to tie those posts together. Books and food. Or rather food in books. Or is it books that have food in them?



Bookish (and not bookish at all) links (17 July 2013)

Right, so these are the recent blog posts/articles that I’ve been hitting the ‘save for later’ button on Feedly for recently, in case anyone is interested!


I have yet to read anything by Karin Slaughter but after this interview with Gillian Flynn on Omnivoracious, I am curious. Have you read Slaughter’s books before?

Added Raising a Reader after reading Sunlit Pages’ review (via Avid Reader’s Musings)

Dewey Decimal jewellery! Cute!

“The more important a book is, the less likely there is to be anything at all on its cover (look at most editions of “Ulysses”).”

– The New Yorker on the decline and fall of the book cover

Ok I so have to make these monstrously large cookies from Levain bakery that Brown Eyed Baker posted.

What’s better than fried chicken? Ayam goreng! Ayam = chicken. Goreng=fried (in Malay). It has the addition of curry powder and spices in the marinade. The Food Canon’s recipe looks yummy!

Be prepared to drool when you click on David Lebovitz’s post about eclairs in Paris. Apparently it’s the new cupcake.