Weekend Cooking: Scones

How I adore scones! They really are the epitome of afternoon tea!

In Singapore afternoon tea is quite popular. Really, in this food-obsessed country, anything that is to be consumed is a big thing. But one of my favourite must-do things when I visit Singapore is to have tea with my mum.

Many hotels in Singapore have afternoon tea service. Some are buffet style where a lavish spread awaits. Others are table-side service where the wait staff bring trays of lovely goodies. The one we tried the last time I was back was at the Fullerton Hotel.


(If I remember correctly the scones were kept warm in a little cloth-lined basket and not in these fancy trays)

I’m a chocoholic. My day never seems complete without a bit of dark chocolate. So I always make sure I get a small slice of whatever chocolate-y pastries and cakes are available. But when it comes to afternoon tea, it’s just never right without a good scone. And for me it’s always raisin scones. No not even a chocolate chip scone will do. Just a raisin or currant scone please.

A few weeks back I gave Rose Levy Bernabaum’s scone recipe a try (here’s a link to the recipe on Cookstr). I adore her Bread Bible but hadn’t tried her other non-bread recipes in the book before. But when I had some heavy cream leftover from making the frosting of Wee Reader’s chocolate cake, I knew it was scone time.

This recipe had an additional step which I think made quite a difference. After rolling out the pastry into a rectangle, fold it in threes. Rotate the dough, roll it out again and fold in threes again. Usually I just roll out the dough once and cut it! I’m not sure if it was this extra step or the heavy cream or just the recipe in general but these scones were seriously the most buttery, yet light, and overall, the best scones I’ve ever made!

They are perfect for afternoon tea. Or breakfast. Or a midnight snack! I like to eat them warm with a little bit of butter but the kids preferred the scones with a bit of strawberry jam.
How do you like your scones? 



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