Best of the kids’ reads this week

Drawn Together – Minh Le and Dan Santat

Here’s the 5yo’s review:

I like the story of the grandpa and the boy. I also like the dragon fighting part the most. Because these two people think the dragon is a mountain! The scales look like a mountain.


Kikuchi’s Sushi – Myung Sook Jeong,Sul Hee Kook (Illustrations)

5yo’s review: I love sushi! Especially salmon sushi.



Moon Watchers: Shirin’s Ramadan Miracle – Reza Jalali, Anne Sibley O’Brien  (Illustrator)

I love how through picture books my boys can learn that the world is full of diverse people who may look different from them, who may be of a different religion, but are just like them, kids growing up in the world, facing similar problems like, in this book, a young girl wanting to prove that she’s old enough (in this case, to fast during Ramadan).


Catstronauts – Drew Brockington

This was a fun graphic novel series that both boys enjoyed. And it’s so cute to boot. There are four books so far in this series, this is the first book.