#AMonthofFaves – Favourite TV series for repeated viewing


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So today it’s all about five favorite digital lifehacks OR five favorite non-bookish things.

Most of my spare time is spent reading. And with two littles aged 1.5 and 3.5, there isn’t very much time to spare! This probably sounds a bit crazy but I like to re-watch TV shows. You’re probably thinking, but there are so many other new series to watch! For me it’s kind of a background viewing while reading a book. Yeah you’re right that does sound crazy!

Anyway, here’s what I love to re-watch:


Joss Whedon’s Firefly

The Husband first introduced me to the show when we were dating. I thought he was insane. Space outlaws! Why would I watch that? But it is a show with such heart and humour, fun and moving stories, great characters. Plus they curse in Chinese or their version of Mandarin Chinese – it’s my second language and I have no idea what they say most of the time. It’s a fun show! Don’t let that ‘space’ ‘sci-fi’ ‘western’ thing put you off.


House MD 

I’m currently re-watching season four and am marveling at how they wrote the two-part season finale. I knew what was going to happen (very dramatic and shocking the first time I saw it), yet it still stunned and moved me throughout. You probably don’t immediately reach for a medical drama when it comes to re-watching, but I love this series. And it’s Hugh Laurie!


Sex and the City 

The series. Just not the movie. Not ever again. The clothes, the city life, the shopping, the nights out, and their friendship.


Band of Brothers

Another series that was introduced by the Husband, with whom I’ve re-watched this twice so far. We attempted to watch The Pacific, the companion series which focused on the Pacific Theatre of Operations (Band of Brothers’ focus is the European Theatre), but didn’t get past two episodes. So very moving. The comradeship, their bravery and all the hardship and tragedy of war. A wonderful tribute to these amazing people.


Gilmore Girls

I saved the best – and most-re-watched – for last. How I love this show. I loved it so much I bought the DVD box sets and re-watched them over and over. And now it’s on Netflix so I can see it anytime! The quirky residents of Stars Hollow, the relationship with Richard and Emily, bossy Paris, rebellious Lane! And the Gilmore Girls themselves, although I can’t take too much of Lorelei at one go! Best show ever.