On beginning The Beginning Place

Life is too short to read books that make me go, eh. But I never thought I’d say that for Ursula K Le Guin. She did after all write one of my favourite series – Earthsea. But I’m about 30 odd pages into The Beginning Place (it’s possibly another sign that I had to turn to Goodreads to figure out the title of the book while writing this sentence), and I’m already thinking of what other books I have to read.

So alas and alack, The Beginning Place is not beginning well for me. And there will be no ending because I am going to give it up and look for greener pastures. The story of Hugh Rogers, price checker at a supermarket who lives with his mother within walking distance of his workplace is not doing anything for me. I didn’t really care what this sad example of a man was doing running towards a stream. His life was just a little pathetic and I didn’t want to find out what happens to him. I was just thinking of how we first meet Ged in A Wizard of Earthsea (The Earthsea Cycle, Book 1). I guess writers have their, um, off-books.

Perhaps 30-odd pages isn’t a fair enough judge of a book but I guess it’s because it’s Le Guin, I just expected a whole lot more. So toodles!